Natalie Merrill

I met Coach Chris a couple of years ago, because he was coaching my friend Karen. I didn’t know too much about him other than that he is super fast. It quickly became apparent, though, that he knows what he’s doing. Plus, he genuinely cares about his athletes and the progress they make, and he makes sure he is there for them on race day.

Chris started coaching me in March of this year, and I’ve already seen PRs in the 5K and half marathon. And, in those races that haven’t left me particularly pleased, he is always there to offer words of encouragement to remind me that not every race is perfect, but there is always room for improvement. He truly believes in me, which is what an athlete needs from a coach.

Chris has helped me battle through injury (a broken hip), and I can tell I’m getting stronger with each workout. He keeps reminding me that great things are yet to come, and I am excited to chase down my goals with such an awesome coach helping me along the way!

Pre StraitSpeed
5K - 19:57
Half Marathon - 1:27:01
With StraitSpeed
5K - 18:44
10 Miles - 1:04:05
Half Marathon - 1:23:15