Michael Bordelon

In 2005 I had a heart attack and was 100lbs overweight. After losing my weight and getting basic fitness in place, I decided I wanted to become a decent runner. Somewhere along the way, I became obsessed with the idea of Boston Qualification (BQ).

I tried several times with “rough” results. I suffered from serious bonking and just did not have the fitness. I watched a few close friends like Shaheen and Natalie see incredible improvements under coach Chris and I decided that I needed that too. I started with Chris last summer and the biggest change was switching to much easier “easy” pace and much harder tempos and track. My system was literally in shock dealing with the Tuesday/Thursday onslaught, but I pretty quickly got to where 7:30s started coming easy and I could actually do sub 7 half pace comfortably. After a hot and unsuccessful rehearsal at Chicago, I finally BQed in a big way at White Rock with a 10+ minute PR.

Chris is a constant source of encouragement (and the occasionally needed butt kicking). Chris really cares about his athletes and you feel like he is as committed to your success as you are. The best example is when I rolled in confidently to the finish at White Rock, Chris was right there cheering me on. Later, a friend that was there pulled me aside and said Chris was pretty choked up and had tears in his eyes.

There are days where I am out there by myself banging out the miles and one thing that gets me out of bed and doing the work is knowing that Chris is right there (virtually). As he always says, if you trust the plan and do the work, you will get the results!

Pre StraitSpeed
5K - 19:48
Half Marathon - 1:35:19
Marathon - 3:25:20
With StraitSpeed
5K - 19:07
Half Marathon - 1:25:12
Marathon - 3:09:57 (BQ!)