Karen Brinkmann

I ran my first 5K when I was 39 years old. I had had no outside training and thought my finish time (37:45) was great until I got to the awards ceremony for the race. I found out that the girls who placed in my age group ran the race in less than 25 minutes! I knew at that point that I needed to find some help.

When I started working with Chris, I was immediately impressed with the individual attention he gave to each of his athletes. Even though he was coaching two people who were much faster and more experienced than I, Chris was just as concerned about my success and training. My workouts, races, and victories were just as important to him as the achievements of the other people. Chris created a training plan that was specific to me and geared for my improvement. After just a couple months training with Chris, I ran a 5K in 25:15. Several months after that, I hit a personal record of 23:45.

Since that time, I have achieved personal records and/or placed in every distance from 5K to half marathon. Chris has even coached me through several triathlons. Chris’ knowledge, experience, and encouragement combine to make him a truly remarkable coach!

Pre StraitSpeed
5K - 37:45
With StraitSpeed
5K - 23:45