Greg Dennison

I started running in 2009. While I made nice progress on my own, I realized that in order to take it to the next level, I needed someone who’s been there and done that. My running partner had seen his times drop dramatically using Chris, so I signed up.

We started training for the 2012 Boston Marathon in January 2012. Chris immediately created weekly plans for me with a mix of easy runs and speed work. I was wanting higher mileage early, but Chris counseled that it was just as important to stay healthy as it was to run high mileage.

In February 2012 I ran a 7:08 pace at the Hot Chocolate 15k, with progressively faster 5k splits. In March 2012, a few months after starting with Chris, I set a PR at the Dallas Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, running a 1:35:25.

While Boston turned out to be scorching hot, I was in better running shape than ever, and I stayed healthy along the way.

I would highly recommend Chris as a running coach regardless of where you are in your running career. No matter where you are currently, he will bring you to the next level.

Pre StraitSpeed
15K - 1:09:12
Half Marathon - 1:38:56
With StraitSpeed
15K - 1:06:30
Half Marathon - 1:35:25