Amanda Davis

I have always liked running as I was a soccer player growing up. It had always been a goal of mine to complete a marathon and in 2008 I achieved that goal.

Since then, I fell in love with the sport of running and have wanted to get better and faster. My new goal was to qualify for Boston and I knew I needed some help to get there.

I was introduced to Coach Chris and he put me on a plan. He tailored my workouts to fit my goals and my life, I was a new mom and still trying to figure out when to get my runs in. He encouraged me and pushed me to work hard. In the following months I significantly improved my race times, setting new PR’s in every new race. Working with Chris helped me to achieve my goals and I would highly recommend him.

Pre StraitSpeed
5K - 23:18
10K - 48:47
Half Marathon - 1:42:36
With StraitSpeed
5K - 21:59
10K - 45:32
20K - 1:35:21
Marathon - 3:26:26