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Being an Athlete

Every athlete has something that drives them, motivates them to train, and inspires them.

Every athlete battles injuries, occasional boredom, and may lack the training knowledge and expertise to hurdle that next obstacle.

Chris Strait is a USATF Level 1 certified coach and a former collegiate coach that personally coaches distance runners in The Woodlands/Houston area. He is also available to provide coaching through online interaction for athletes in other areas.

Running Tips

Easy runs

To insure that your body gets a full recovery after hard workouts be sure that your easy runs are truly easy. If you run too fast then you will not be fully recovered for your next hard session. Many athletes make the mistake of running too fast on their easy days.

Getting faster

To work on your speed and running form just add 5 x 100 meter strides after your easy runs. This will remind the legs to be ready to go fast after being a little fatigued. Concentrate on a relaxed and loose form.

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